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1.9" Smartwatch ,Fitness Activity Tracker, Heart Rate Sleep Monitor,for iPhone and Android

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$26.99 USD
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$26.99 USD
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$26.99 USD
Size: 1.9"
Color: Black
Material: Silicone


  • A powerful fitness partner:The app gives you a range of ways to train plus advanced metrics for more insights about your ;
  • Advanced health features:See how much time you spent in REM, Core, or Deep sleep with sleep stages.
  • Stay connected :Send a text, take a call, listen to music and podcasts, use Siri, and get notifications on the go.
Connecting you to your cirle-all while effortlessly elevating your style

Super light design

In The Box


You can download the app by scanning the QR code on the product manual or by opening the watch, navigating to Settings, selecting About, and scanning the QR code for app download.

Ensure that both the phone and the watch have Bluetooth enabled and are discoverable by other devices.

The watch's time/weather syncs with the connected phone. Make sure the watch is connected to the phone for accurate information.

The IP67 waterproof rating is suitable for daily activities like handwashing and face washing. It is not designed to withstand immersion in water during swimming or diving. Additionally, exposure to hot water during bathing can affect the waterproof performance due to high-temperature steam.

Use the original charging cable, consider replacing the adapter with a higher voltage one, and clean the PIN points on the watch and charging cable connection with a dry cloth before attempting to charge again.